START. Strategic ParTnership to Improve InternAtionalization skills of SMEs in ReTail sector


KA220-VET – Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training

Duration of the project

01.11.2021- 01.11.2023

Number of the project


Project Description

The main objective of START is to improve internationalization skills of SMEs in the retail sector in order to encourage retailers to develop their business in international markets. The project will provide experienced retailers and youth or unemployed interested in retail for career development with tools for enhancing their competences in internationalization and achieve required knowledge to be capable to develop a competitive strategy entering in a foreign market.


The main objective of START project is to help current and future professionals from the retail sector in developing an international strategy for their business, thanks to a proper training able to guide that path and the successful implementation of the internationalization process, using the latest technologies available.

Target Group

The project is aimed at range of stakeholders’ retailers, VET providers as well as the partners themselves

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