RetroVET: Retrofitting Green Elements into existing VET provision


KA220-VET – Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training

Duration of the project

01.01.2022- 01.01.2024

Number of the project


Project Description

RetroVET aims to adapt VET to labour market needs by supporting the development of a set of innovative tools which will inspire VET centres to offer a balanced mix of vocational skills linked to existing and evolving jobs and working methods as well as key green skills compe-tences. The RetroVET project will support the fight against climate change and promote the benefits of an environmentally sustainable approach to vocational education and training.


RetroVET project objectives are to: 

  • Contribute to develop and promote a green culture among VET establishments
  • Close the green skills gap between VET centres that have successfully adopted green skills implementation practices, by facilitating the integration of amongst VET centres which have not embraced ICT practices
  •  Develop a collaborative European Green Skills VET peer mentoring and performance improvement tool/framework
  • Capitalise on existing European vocational training networks multiplier structures and regional hubs to mainstream ICT skills change in VET centres across Europe
  • Promote and facilitate green skills learning through cross-curricular collaboration and remote peer-to-peer learning amongst European VET centres, practitioners and wider stakeholders

Target Group

The project is aimed at two specific target groups who will benefit from the project results. They represent the market that will be targeted to ensure the sustained, long-term use of the project outputs:

  • VET Institutions
  •  VET trainers
  • Institutions involved in training and/or environmental sustainability.

Project results

Through the four project results, the project will produce the following key deliverables:

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