Sustainable Best Practices-Elementor

Sustainable Best Practices

Today we present the second product of our SUSNET project, focused on sustainable collaboration among entrepreneurs, SMEs, and entities.
The goal is to share with our partners the best examples of sustainable practices adopted in different countries to create a reference guide for implementing sustainability criteria in collaborative networks. 🌍🌱
Training staff and stakeholders are crucial to understand the importance of values and principles of coordinated and collaborative sustainable work that benefits society and the environment. 🤝🌳
This activity will increase participants’ awareness of the impact of their activities and practices, fostering creativity and talent development. 🧠💡
At the end of the activity, participants will have a better understanding of sustainable practices for collaboration among companies, will be able to exchange ideas and experiences, discuss the efficiency of different alternatives, and apply the most relevant ideas to their work. 🚀💭
Together with our partners, we aim to ensure that this new knowledge is used internally and externally, involving our organisations’ staff . 🤝💼